DRC Offers Modeling Services that Pinpoint Prospects and Customers Most Likely to Respond to Your Direct Marketing Promotions.

In the current difficult business climate of rising costs, shrinking sales, and limited marketing budgets, it is imperative that you promote your products and services to customers and prospects with a minimum of waste and ineffectiveness. Proper targeting of good prospects and best customers will significantly improve response, reduce cost, and increase revenue from direct marketing campaigns.

Predictive modeling will reveal the profile of customers, identify best prospects, and give you the means to reach them cost effectively.

We Implement a Unique Cross-training Methodology

Demographic Research Company builds powerful models using our proprietary software that cross trains a combination of decision tree, regression, and neural network algorithms to construct a model. This approach significantly boosts the predictive power of models as compared to the standard single-technique approach to model building. Our highly experienced analysts guide and push data through this complex mix of algorithms to produce models of unparalleled precision and predictive power.

With our model, you will be able to target precisely your best prospects and customers. You will send out fewer promotional pieces, and yet receive more responses and produce higher revenue from each campaign.

We Build Partnership with Clients

Demographic Research Company believes that modeling is as much an art as a science. Good models are the results of having clearly defined objectives, good front-end design, in-depth understanding of data elements, properly preparing data, and correct choice of modeling methodology and analytic techniques. With a passion for solving marketing issues based on technology, and not the other way around, we will work closely with our client, soliciting your input as well as keeping you informed through every step of the modeling process. This will ensure that only the best and model solutions will be developed to support your marketing programs.

We Build a Wide Range of Models

Since 1975, Demographic Research Company has constructed a wide range of predictive models. Those models have significantly improved response rates and increased revenue from our clients’ direct mail, telemarketing, and Internet campaigns.

Prospecting Models:

Pinpoint the most responsive, profitable, and low-risk prospects from compiled rental lists.

Area Models:

Identify the most responsive and profitable geographic areas for site selection, and for targeting mail responder lists.

House-file Models:

Segment and pinpoint the most responsive and profitable customer segments in your marketing databases. These models optimize campaign results over a wide-range of marketing initiatives, including:

Inexpensive and Robust Marketing Programs

DRC provides inexpensive and effective modeling services that will greatly enhance the performance of your business-to-business and business-to-consumer direct marketing programs.